Monday, January 16, 2006

Blogus Interuptus

Big Brother was making some rumbles at work, and I got spooked and stopped my blog reading and writing. But now I’ve got a home computer set up, and so I’m back, though I fear having the Internet at home may cause me to develop a raging Ebay or porn addiction. I am, oddly enough, much more productive at work latey.

Here’s a random recap of the past few months:

  • I took an Amtrak trip to Dallas for kicks. It was long and slow, but I expected that. My seatmate on the trip up was a conspiracy freak who at one point got so excited that she yelled at the top of her lungs a diatribe about “whores and the blow jobs they have to give because of the patriarchy” followed by some choice words against George W. On the trip back the train was full of families catching the connecting route to New Orleans for Christmas. I also discovered a small town in Texas which is apparently the secret nexus for cute boys, as several cute boys deboarded and boarded at that stop. I fully plan to return for a more in-depth investigation. Also, the backyards of small-town America are filled with forlorn plastic toys, trampolines and above-ground swimming pools. At least one backyard in urban Fort Worth has a horse.

  • We are having a beautifully mild winter. Scootering everywhere has been a pleasure, and I have loved starting each morning with a brisk ride just as the sky is lightening and taking on a clear, sharp blueness. I’ve gone on a few more scooter rallies and really am stoked about being part of that community.

  • Except, that my scooter was stolen two weeks ago. From the exact same spot from which my bicycle was stolen. The rat fink bastards. Now I’m back to using my feet and the bus to get around, which in the grand scheme of things, is nothing to complain about. But damn, I’m really pissed about the scooter. I’m waiting for the news on my insurance claim and then I can decide if I’ll go for another scooter or grit my teeth and kiss my budget goodbye by getting a car. As for a new bicycle, the model I want to buy sold out almost immediately across Texas, but a new shipment is due in February, so hopefully I’ll have some sort of wheels by then.

  • There was a dark, foggy period during the holidays in which I was possessed by a slothful, cranky alter-ego. Attempts at runs were scarce and half-hearted. Three weeks ago there was a truly horrendous attempt at a long run, wherein I felt weak as a rag doll and had to quit running entirely after the third mile, and after which I bleakly considered throwing in the towel. But somehow the mental and physical cobwebs have cleared, and I’m back to a semi-regular running schedule. I’m definitely not following the training plan on my FIT calendar, but I’m running enough that I was able to finish 10- and 11-mile runs in the last two weeks, respectively, with energy to spare. Holy shit, I’m going to run a half-marathon in 5 weeks! My pace hasn’t increased at all, and may in fact have gotten slower, but I’m shooting for a finish time of three hours, give or take. I have concluded that I’m not enamored of running, but that after the half-marathon I will incorporate it into an as-of-yet-devised cross-training plan that will hopefully involve biking and dancing.

  • I walked in today's Martin Luther King march, which is apparently this biggest march in the country. We chanted peace slogans and sang songs. People held signs. Two young kids held signs that said "Dope Ain't Shit" and "We Still Poor". Why don't I do things like this more often? I loved it. I loved being part of a mass of people and I loved walking down neighborhood streets of my city, being part of a public activity. I wish everyday the street were full of people and goodwill, like they were today.

  • My New Year’s goal for 2006? To quit my job and move on. I have some more to say about that in another entry, but it’s time to walk a few blocks to Walgreens to stock up on cereal and cat food.

A happy (belated) New Year to everyone!


At 4:37 PM, Blogger brent said...

cool, welcome back megan. thats awful about the scooter, what is up with that??!! total bummer.

welcome back to blogland.

At 5:13 AM, Blogger neca said...

Welcome back! That stinks about the scooter - hope the insurance takes care of it.

At 5:54 AM, Blogger chaos said...

Hi Megan, glad you are back. Sounds like you've been up to all kinds of fun. BTW, that was me ranting about blow jobs and the patriarchy on your train ride to Dallas. Or, at least my alter-ego.


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